Atlantica Online – Classic MMORPG celebrates 10th anniversary with new update

[Game website] One of the longest-running titles in the history of online games, Atlantica Online, is now celebrating its 10th anniversary! Publisher VALOFE is preparing to add a series of new content to the game before 2017, including new equipment, new level cap, new dungeon and lastly, a new mercenary. First, the level cap has increased from 170 to 180. New players can take part in the “Jump” event to immediately create a level 130 character!

A Christmas event is also currently live in Atlantica Online, with players tasked to fight off monsters lurking inside the main town. After collecting the required number of Rabbits and Stockings, great rewards await all players in this holiday special. A new mount, Diesel Punk, has been added into the cash shop. Conquer the skies and hear the mount’s engine roar! Lastly, the latest mercenary in Atlantica Online will be the graceful and beautiful Ninetails!


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