Special Force 2 – High quality HTML5 version of popular online shooter revealed

Dragonfly, the Korean studio behind online shooters such as Special Force, recently revealed a HTML5 version of Special Force 2. Developed by partner BNF Games and powered by an unknown version of Unreal Engine, the HTML5 technology allows Special Force 2 to be played on web browsers without downloading any large game client files.

HTML5 also allows this version of Special Force 2 to be played cross-platform from mobile devices, any PC systems (including Mac), and even consoles. Special Force 2 is also the first online shooter with such high-end graphics to be developed using HTML5 technology. Dragonfly has touted the various modes found in modern online shooters, such as zombie mode, are also in development. The company plans to push Special Force 2 (HTML5) to global markets next year, with an eye on Japan, Southeast Asia, South America, and China.