Nexon – Gaming giant to acquire California-based game studio

Nexon today announce it is acquiring California-based games developer, Pixelberry Studios. You might not have heard of this developer, but it is the top company in making interactive fiction apps for mobile devices. One of its games, Choices, is a category leader with apparently high retention numbers, high profits, and still growing. The team has over 10 years of experience in this category of games. Pixelberry Studios and Nexon aims to target the massive and under-served women market, as well as expanding Choices globally.

The latest 3rd quarter 2017 (July to September) financial results for Nexon was also revealed, so let’s just take a brief look. Overall, revenue from the PC market is still massive compared to mobile revenue, while China continues to be Nexon’s main revenue driver, although South Korea is not far behind. Total revenue also increased compared to the same time period last year, or the previous quarter, so Nexon has something to cheer about.

For future launch titles, there are no surprised mentioned, but it is interesting to see Final Fantasy XI Mobile pop up, as there has been little to now updates since being announced. Fans will also spot the missing Peria Chronicles, which Nexon most recently admitted it is still going through development due to the complexity of the game systems. MapleStory 2 has been in beta for at least a year in China, and perhaps an official launch is due soon.