Electronic Arts – Titanfall developer getting acquired by industry scourge

Once voted the “Worst Company in America” for several years by gamers, Electronic Arts recently announced it is acquiring Respawn Entertainment, the developer of Titanfall. The deal is confirmed to be USD 315 million in cash and stock, plus a possible bonus of USD 140 million. The total purchase price could hit USD 455 million if Respawn hits its incentive targets, known as an earnout. It seems yet another studio has sold its soul to the devil.

Respawn Entertainment was founded by Vince Zampella and Jason West in 2010, two creators of the Call of Duty franchise under Activision Blizzard. Electronic Arts has been the publisher for the two Titanfall games, although Titanfall 2 apparently did not do very well financially. It was also confirmed a new Titanfall game is being developed by Respawn at the moment. If you have not heard of Electronic Art’s history of shutting down studios, you should look at the video embedded below. Command & Conquer will live on in our hearts!


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