Gigantic – Season of Souls update is now live with new content

[Steam page] Perfect World Entertainment and developer Motiga today announced that Gigantic’s newest update, Season of Souls, is now available on Steam, Arc, Windows 10 and Xbox One. The nefarious necromancer Ezren Ghal has arrived in Gigantic along with Ember Grove, the game’s first new map and several other features including profile icons, text chat during hero confirmation and more. Watch the trailer below for a quick summary!

The new caster hero, Ezren Ghal, twists the very being of his foes by draining souls in combat, which can be turned against enemies as devastating ability attacks. The brand-new map, Ember Grove, sets the stage for this fiendish update, bringing a dense and mysterious battleground to Gigantic’s map rotation. Ancient and home to bugwitches, this new map offers verticality, as well as nooks and crannies to outmaneuver other players.

Additional features available with the Season of Souls update include:

Player Icons – All players now have the ability to choose their account icons and show their own unique style. Additionally, Founders can now show their status as early supporters of the game with exclusive icons.

Hero Confirm Text Chat – By community request, chat has been extended to the hero confirmation phase, allowing teams to strategize their hero composition before locking it in.

Ezren Ghal Skins – Several customization options for the new hero are now available in the shop, including the Opulent Robes skin, color variants and Eternal skins for players looking to show off their mastery of the wretched reaper.

Other Features – Improved bot matches, shop UI updates and new Hero interactions in battle.