World of Dragon Nest – More game details emerge from ChinaJoy interview

Over at ChinaJoy last week, Korean developer Eyedentity had an impressive booth at the business hall (B2B) which we visited. However, due to having no internet connection, the MMO Culture team was unable to contact anyone for an interview on World of Dragon Nest. Korean website ThisIsGame managed to secure a meeting with the Eyedentity team, and here are some of the selected questions and answers from the interview. Read on for more!

Q: What is World of Dragon Nest?

A: World of Dragon Nest is a non-target MMORPG that is being developer based on the original PC game, Dragon Nest. The new story will feature a mixture of characters from Dragon Nest, together with new additions. There is a new hostile force acting as the main antagonists, known as “Paradise Exiles”. Apostles from this group will play the role of the game’s main boss monsters.

If the original Dragon Nest is more focused on 1:1 combat, ten World of Dragon Nest will showcase more multiplayer action. We plan to focus on Guild War and Lordship War as part of the core end-game content.

Q: How many players can participate in these multiplayer wars?

A: Currently in development is 30 vs 30, hence a max of 60 players. We expect this to be the number for Guild War and Lordship War as well.

Q: It seems there is the automated battle function in the game.

A: Yes, there is an automated combat feature. Players are free to switch to manual combat mode.

Q: What is the main feature of World of Dragon Nest?

A: The non-target combat system. Case in point, even if a character’s stats are low, but the player has sufficient skills in controlling the character (we are guessing such as dodging and moving), he or she will go far.

Q: What is the biggest difference between the original Dragon Nest and World of Dragon Nest?

A: In the original Dragon nest, there is a heavy focus on job advancements. There is no such system in World of Dragon Nest. Instead, the weapon equipped will determine the profession and what skills the character can use. However, certain types of weapons are still tied to specific classes. For example, big sword and axe are tied to the warrior class.

Q: Tell us more about the new character, Slayer.

A: Slayer is a dragon-styled character based on an oriental design. New to World of Dragon Nest, this character has an in-game combat gauge which can be filled and turning the character into the “fighting” status. In this status, Slayer plays more dynamically than others.

Q: What about the cross-platform function?

A: Players from PC, iOS, and Android devices can play together in the same server, sharing the same database. Another game which uses this system is Blizzard’s Hearthstone.

Q: Any release schedule for World of Dragon Nest?

A: We are aiming to complete core development by end of the year/ Although not confirmed, the official launch could in summer next year.

Q: Please give us your final words for this interview.

A: We were disappointed that we were unable to showcase many aspects of Dragon nest in the original game. We hope to display much more in World of Dragon Nest. Hopefully, when players of the original Dragon Nest try World of Dragon Nest, they would praise the game for its various improvements.