TalesRunner R – First look at mobile version of classic racing MMO

The PC version of TalesRunner has been in operation for over a decade, and it is still going strong in South Korea and some parts of the world. Inevitably, a mobile version was going to be released, and publisher Nexon recently launch the game in South Korea. We are really bad at games which require active control, but we decided to give the game a go anyway. Apologies for all the fails in the video!


Developed by original studio Rhaon Entertainment, TalesRunner R stayed true to the PC version while giving a major aesthetic upgrade. There are 7 playable characters (5 requires unlock), and players can now choose to build different buildings in town, which is a major change. Classic modes such as Survival, PVE and PVP are in the game, and we believe Dr Hell and more will be added in the future.