Lost Ark – Smilegate previews new content for second Closed Beta

Korean developer Smilegate is currently busy working on the MMORPG, Lost Ark, and recently revealed new content for the upcoming second Closed Beta phase. The area is several times bigger than the first Closed Beta, and the main feature introduced will be the naval routes. As seen in the map below, there are various ports available for players to start and end their naval adventures.

Players will be able to explore new islands, meet new monsters, and uncover naval secrets while sailing around. They might even bump into aggressive ghost ships! Almost all encounters will have a reward waiting at the end. There will be different interactive items in the sea related to some activities, such as fishing, and ships can be damaged by bad weather too! This system is really thorough!

Hidden on islands and beneath the sea are rare treasures, although it was not specified what exactly these are. Interestingly, players can also meet random NPCs while on their journeys, either floating out at sea or living on an island, and recruit them as crew. Smilegate hopes testers will enjoy the open sea features, although no date was mentioned for the second Closed Beta phase.