Pokémon GO – Legendary debut in Chicago marred by technical issues

[Source] Posted a couple of days back, developer Niantic held a live event known as Pokémon GO Fest in Chicago to celebrate the game’s anniversary. The other main event is to promote the new raid feature, where the first legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO will be defeated by the power of players and eventually roam free for everyone to capture. But serious technical issues marred the event.

As fans from around United Stats flew in, it was reported that Niantic did not provide adequate as it underestimated the 20,000 tickets sold. Cellular services in the area went down due to severe traffic congestion, with players unable to log into Pokémon GO throughout the event. The livestream also did not happen, and even attendees with tickets were unable to get into the event grounds.

Due to all these failings, Niantic decided to just release the first legendary Pokémon, Lugia, without much of a fight. Even Forbes called the event “a complete bust”, although redeemed by the fact that Niantic throwing tons of rare Pokémons for the attendees to capture, including Articuno! Let’s hope that the next time a live Pokémon GO event is held, the local cellular providers are informed as well.