ArcheAge – New trailer for Korean summer naval arena update

Arriving in the Korean server on 27 July, full details for the naval arena update was slightly delayed, and the trailer was only shown a few hours ago. The location is known as Trapaces, and pits 4 teams of 5 players above level 30 against each other. There are 4 types of ships which players can choose from, each with a strong point, such as move speed, damage, long range, and strong collision damage.


Lasting 12 minutes for each round, players not only have to be aware of opposing teams, but also the strength and direction of the waves, as well as neutral sea monsters. To make the naval arena more accessible, the match will begin after a short wait time with a minimum of 12 players, where each team will have 4 players assigned. There is currently no schedule for the English server for this update.