Overwatch – Teams have paid USD 20 million to secure league spot

[Source] Following a report in May where teams are dropping out of the upcoming Overwatch League due to cost issues, it was recently rumored at least 2 teams have paid USD 20 million to secure a franchise spot in Activision Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League. The 2 teams are allegedly Immortals (Los Angeles) and NRG Esports (San Francisco), both backed by wealthy sporting empires.

Prime cities are said to cost more for a franchise spot, and the USD 20 million reportedly paid should be the highest ceiling. The spots for New York and Boston have also been confirmed, although no monetary amount was leaked. None of the 4 confirmed teams have yet to respond for a comment based on the article. Activision Blizzard is still aiming to launch the Overwatch League later this year.