GREE – Japanese developer shuts down all Western offices and studios

[Source] According to reports, Japanese developer GREE has closed all its Western offices and studios, at the same time laying off all employees in them. The locations affected include Melbourne (Australia), San Francisco (USA), and Berlin (Germany). According to GREE, the developer will now focus on “Japan first”, and only localizing successful domestic games for the overseas market.

A photo of GREE’s Melbourne office, one of the 3 affected locations.

This should come as no shock to industry watchers, as the Western operations are reportedly bleeding cash and not contributing much to GREE’s revenue. Meanwhile, a few of GREE’s recent Japanese launches have achieved Top 10 ranking, which means millions of dollars in the lucrative market. GREE will continue to support its 5 running Western mobile games from Japan.

The fate of GREE International’s CEO, Andrew Sheppard, is currently unknown.


    • sort of? But they were pretty well known for screwing up releases royally, like Rage of Bahamut where it’s a pay2win even though it’s Japanese counterpart isn’t, just to name a few

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