Master X Master – Pre-season kicks off today for NCsoft MOBA

[Play free now] NCsoft’s Master X Master today kicks off its ranked mode today with a pre-season lasting 4 weeks before Season One officially begins on 16 August. The ranked mode is where the true competition lies with the game’s unique Tag mechanic and stats enhancements (Nodes) due to unleach a deadly fusion of Masters battling it out in the battlegrounds to achieve victory.


Developer NCsoft will be rewarding all participants, with additional prizes for those who finish in the top 100 ranks of the pre-season – full details on the rewards can be found here. A new trailer for a playable Master was also recently revealed, featuring the NPC from Aion, Nanurunerk. Another new Master, a melee-based juggernaut and martial artist known as Yuri, will soon arrive.




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