Dragon’s Dogma Online – Capcom reveals Season 3 update trailer

Japanese developer Capcom today revealed the latest trailer for Dragon’s Dogma Online, focusing on the Season 3 expansion arriving on 17 August in Japan. Titled “Flames of the Fallen Kingdom”, Season 3 will see a brand-new new storyline unfold, along with a new continent to explore and a massive cast of new NPC. The main antagonist is an evil dragon in flames, though it has not been named.


While there isn’t any new playable class (the game currently has 10), they will get to learn new advanced skills blessed by the dragons to confront powerful new foes. For the first patch of Season 3, before the evil dragon makes its appearance, the ultimate enemy will be the Orc General, one of the 4 generals of the demonic army. Dragon’s Dogma Online is schedule to launch in Taiwan next year.