SEGA – South Korea expansion halted amidst mass retrenchment

Back in 2015, Japanese game company SEGA signaled its intention to expand its offerings in South Korea by signing a publishing deal for Soulworker. However, SEGA Korea quietly gave up on the deal, and Korean developer and publisher Smilegate took over the domestic publishing duties. It was revealed today around 50 employees from the R&D team in SEGA Korea were retrenched.

This group of people worked on titles including Football Manager Online and Professional Baseball Manager 2. A similar retrenchment in SEGA Korea happened last March due to sluggish earnings. It is apparently “in the process” of organizing all of its R&D and service personnel, and leaving only a minimum of manpower. There are even rumors that SEGA might even withdraw from South Korea.


  1. Not feeling sorry for them, they mainly pump out Sonic games and don’t take a chance of releasing pso2 in the West. They really underestimate the global market

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