NCsoft – Latest details for Lineage Eternal and new titles emerge

Every quarter, publicly traded companies such as Nexon and NCsoft have a financial call to update investors and shareholders of the latest numbers and progress. NCsoft reported its financials for the 4th quarter of 2016 earlier today, and also talked about the various games in development. Do note that these are all just tentative roadmap schedules, as delays do happen more often than not.

Lineage Eternal: NCsoft is aiming for a 2nd Closed Beta in South Korea later this year, followed by the Open Beta/ official launch. Interestingly, it was revealed the North America branch of NCsoft is working on the mobile version of Lineage Eternal, and is hoping to launch both versions at the same time. No further detail was given if it will be a simultaneous global launch for both versions.

Lineage M: Delayed by 2 to 3 months, but will still launch in the first half of 2017, presumably South Korea first.

Blade & Soul Mobile (MMO): Under development for 2017 until further notice.

Blade & Soul Mobile (Chinese version): It was decided a full revamp was required, and the game is back on the drawing board. No schedule on when it will be available.

Aion Legions: Scheduled for mobile soft launch in North America and Europe in 2nd quarter, followed by launch in 3rd quarter

Master X Master: Western launch in 2nd quarter, China launch in 2nd half of 2017