Art of War: Red Tides – Cross-platform RTS with MOBA element

Recently approved on Steam Greenlight, Art of War: Red Tides is an ambitious MOBA + RTS hybrid which aims to provide cross-platform gameplay between PC, mobile devices, and consoles. Developed by Game Science, a Chinese studio with around 20 staff formerly from Tencent Games, Red Tides is apparently less than 2 years in production thus far. The game will launch first on Steam.


Gameplay in Red Tides is rather simple from the looks of it – Choose from 3 warring races, select 10 units from over 40 for each race, lead them to destroy 3 enemy turrets and the base. Players will have to adjust their strategies and control of units on the fly, similar to games such as StarCraft. I really love the concept, and also the cross-platform functionality which is still being worked on.

red-tides-screenshot-1 red-tides-screenshot-2