Nexon – Korean gaming juggernaut opens first Southeast Asia office

Nexon recently announced it has purchased 49% of Thailand games publisher iDCC (i Digital Connect Co), and will acquire the remaining 51% after approval from the Thailand government. This would mean Nexon has essentially setup its first office in Southeast Asia through this joint venture.

iDCC was founded as a local games publisher in 2010, with experience operating titles such as “12 Tails Online”, an action MMORPG which was crowned the most successful game developed in Thailand. More recently, iDCC launched Nexon’s HIT in Thailand as the mobile game’s publisher.

From this joint venture, Nexon will be able to pursue their market penetration in Thailand through marketing and publishing Nexon’s own games. Nexon is also looking to expand to other countries into the Southeast Asia (SEA) region with Thailand as its base in the coming future.