Soul Worker – Surprise publisher for Southeast Asia region announced

With Soul Worker (or SoulWorker) confirmed for North America and Europe back in April, gamers from other locations were anxious to find out if they are getting their own regional servers. Today, it was announced Smilegate has signed the publishing rights for Soul Worker for Southeast Asia, South America, and will also take over the South Korea market from SEGA Publishing Korea.

Soul Worker - Southeast Asia, South America and South Korea signing photo

If you did not know, Smilegate is a Korean studio which almost closed down years ago, until Tencent started publishing its game, CrossFire, in China and became the world’s biggest Free-to-Play game ever. These days, the founder of Smilegate is one of South Korea’s richest man and you might heard about a MMORPG known as Lost Ark. To be honest, I am still in a minor shock over this piece of news!


      • considering people in my country are really wanted to play this game, i think it’ll work, but if Indonesia already have it own server after the SEA one, i don’t know what gonna happen to SEA server after that

    • srsly there’s no way it’ll be korean language in SEA, 90% people in my country (Indonesia) won’t be able to understand at all (including me) and i believe the rest of the country in SEA didn’t understand either

      • but it is smilegate company is korean company, not an SG / MY company. and they even lie to the world once, they said before lost ark going to be global at 1st launch. but where? its getting korean language.

        • Because its not launching yet? ..there just beta. If it come here it will be in english, just like how they did with crossfire (they publish it here but its dead) which is in english

        • they already announced that they are going to focus on the korean release and won’t bother with a global release until they’re ready

    • Maybe in another year considering EA and NA server are about to be launched around this time of the year…let’s hope so

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