Aura Kingdom Mobile – Mobile version of popular MMORPG teased

X-Legend Entertainment, a Taiwanese games developer, is popular in the online gaming scene with titles including Eden Eternal, Dragomon Slayer, most recently Twin Saga, and of course, Aura Kingdom. It recently announced Aura Kingdom Mobile (or Aura Kingdom: Goddess of Beginning), a mobile game which add more depth to the storyline of its PC MMORPG counterpart, Aura Kingdom.


According to the storyline, players will work with the Eidolons to stop the Shadow Knight’s ambition. A new character will be introduced in Aura Kingdom Mobile – Gaia, Mistress of Eidolons. Gaia stands at the pinnacle of Eidolons, and the owner of the Cube of Gaia, the central power in the world of Azuria (game world of Aura Kingdom). What role will she play in the game? No one knows for now.

Aura Kingdom Mobile - Gaia

No detail was given on what genre Aura Kingdom Mobile will be, but features such as the Sky Tower, quests, equipment, and instanced dungeons were confirmed. X-Legend claimed the game is in its final development phase, and will launch the game “soon”. The studio had trouble finding success with its first mobile game, so here’s to hoping Aura Kingdom Mobile finds more success.

Aura Kingdom Mobile - Eidolons