Warframe – Lunaro game mode to launch for PC version this week

[Play free now] Developer Digital Extremes today revealed full details on the new Warframe game mode, Lunaro, which is set to launch on PC later this week with consoles to follow at a later date. This fast-paced, competitive team sport challenges players to use skill, mobility, teamwork, and creativity for victory and honor. A side note, Warframe has over 22 million registered accounts worldwide!


Lunaro is accessed in-game through the Conclave, Lunaro invites Tenno to join team Sun or team Moon with up to four players per team. Teams must defend their goal while doing their best to score by shooting the ball (or Lunaro) through the opponents’ goal. Tenno may defend their zone by smashing the Lunaro out of the opponent’s possession or by knocking them down with a crushing hit.

Warframe - Lunaro screenshot 1

Lunaro is the first of three major updates planned for Warframe in June and July, culminating with the next cinematic quest experience, The War Within. Expect more exciting announcements in the coming weeks regarding a complete rework of Warframe’s Star Chart, the introduction of new companions, including the cat-like Kavats, and big additions to Warframe’s Archwing space combat systems.

Warframe - Lunaro screenshot 2