The Legend of Glory – NetEase mobile MMORPG appears at E3 2016

Chinese studios are not known to showcase their games at the annual E3 event, which is a surprise as NetEase has The Legend of Glory at the show. Though having no public booth, this new mobile MMORPG was apparently teased in one of the livestreams. Attempting to bring a full 3D MMORPG experience to mobile devices, Samsung is also a major partner which will help promote the game.


At the Samsung Galaxy event on 26 May, The Legend of Glory was one of the few games sued to showcase the new phones’ graphical power. According to NetEase, The Legend of Glory is crafted using the in-house Messiah Engine, with artwork supposedly provided by a team which worked on TERA. There is currently no launch details for the game, with signups for alpha currently live in China.

The Legend of Glory image