ArcheAge – Developer unleashes a trove of game trailers for update 3.0

Arriving in the Korean server on 13 July, update 3.0 for ArcheAge is MASSIVE, and even that is an understatement. Announced previously, there will be 2 new races added, Warborn and Dwarves. The special racial skill of the former is transforming into a demon-like creature (male and female), while the latter is able to summon a mechanical golem to their aid. Magic and technology, get it?

ArcheAge 3.0 - Transformations and summon

There are 2 new starter zones, 1 for each race, which will last players from level 1 till 30. The Dwarven race will start off at Bronze Rocky Mountain, while the Warborn race at Scorching Wilderness. Do note that these are just template names, no official English ones. Developer XLGAMES went the extra mile and produced preview trailers (seen below) for these 2 regions for everyone to enjoy.


Former features are also being upgraded, such as the character customization options when creating one. Players can now enjoy a couple more hours in this function when it launches, pretty much like a mini-game itself. I suppose Black Desert spurred XLGAMES to improve this feature. Labor points, warehouse slots (to 150), gold revenues, upgrade success rates, and more will see major changes.


There are just too many changes in ArcheAge 3.0, and I shall let the various fansites translate all of them. XLGAMES even teased new aerial and underwater regions! Just a reminder, the main storyline (new end-game content) is about Orchidna’s revenge, centuries in the making. Seen below are a few more trailers which were released for this update, and hopefully business will pick up for the game.