ArcheAge – 2 new playable races revealed in Update 3.0 teaser trailer

Earlier today, developer XLGAMES revealed the teaser trailer for ArcheAge’s upcoming 3.0 content update. Roughly translated as “Orchidna’s Hatred”, no new information was detailed by XLGAMES in words. Orchidna is one of the main characters in the lore of ArcheAge, which can be read here. So yes, she is pissed off everyone left her there for centuries and breaking their promise.


2 new playable races are teased in the trailer (the demon and mecha), with the demon associated with a transformation skill of Warborn, and the mecha is a summon of the Dwarven race. Other details dugged up include new regions to accomodate the new races, flying machines, 10 vs 10 PVP arena, increased storage to 150, adding properties to auction house, family quests, and many more!

ArcheAge 3.0 leaked images