RF Online 2 – Trademark registered for sequel to classic sci-fi MMORPG

RF Online, or Rising Force Online, is perhaps one of the first sci-fi MMORPG to launch around a decade ago. Since then, developer CCR has been rather quiet about any new games. Today, it was revealed CCR filed a trademark for “RF 2”, and listing it as a “downloadable software” for various platforms, including virtual reality. There is no word on when CCR is going to make an official announcement.

RF 2


    • As i read on some big lore i’ve found few years ago, it seems all the three races are descended from humans. The originals humans were extinct by a virus.

      • the accretians were originally the surviving humans from way back… because of the herodian virus that almost led to the extinction of the human race, the said survivors then transformed their bodies into the now known as the accretians. they created the bellato race to become their soldiers. But later on, the bellatos wanted to take over the world, so the Accretians decided to team up with the Corites. Or at least that’s what I know ^_^

        • Where did you get that information? i read the whole lore and i know about the virus and stuff, but i dont see anywhere that state Bells as the global enemys, in fact, it is more obvious that Corites and Bells are against Accretia, but that also could mean that everyone is against each other, also there are in game animations of Corites in a war against Accretia.

  1. Holy shit, till this day the best pvp game ever! its still my number one mmo. Amazing I get to see this again.

  2. OMG… Is it for real? Master force and skill? Planet war? Rummors before of 2 aditional race ? Can u please tell us some detail ASAP if theres any update huh… Best ever RPG game, huh im exited for this huh

  3. The accretion was humans sure but the Bella to a came to the novus (Cora planet) and want the Ressources there the be llanos are so small because the gravity on bell planet is very high so the bells ding stole anything from acres and they was not made by accretians. The accretians transformed the body’s in to steel to get stronger and not effected to virus or sickness. The cora want to defend their planet and they life like elfes or green piece

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