Granblue Fantasy – Cygames apologises for virtual fraud incident

[Source] One of the more popular games in Japan, the developer of Granblue Fantasy, Cygames, recently apologised to gamers after being accused of virtual fraud. You see, thousands of players spent thousands of dollars on a rare character, Anchira, which was supposed to have a double drop chance during the event period, but not many actually got her. This led to an online fallout.

Granblue Fantasy - Anchira

According to Bloomberg Business, Cygames initially didn’t respond to criticism, then weeks later apologized. It granted credit to some customers, in virtual money, for what they spent and will begin implementing safeguards Thursday so players can get the prize they want if they go through 300 unsuccessful attempts. That would cap spending on getting the “rare” Anchira at about USD 800.

Granblue Fantasy screenshots