MapleStory – Second patch for Heroes of Maple update goes live

[Source] A couple of days back, MapleStory Korea got the second patch of the Heroes of Maple update. In the storyline, the six MapleStory heroes gather after hundreds of years to save Maple World once more! To refresh, the heroes are Aran, Mercedes, Evan, Luminous, Phantom, and Eunwol. All key art have been updated, with Aran and Evan already getting new character creation looks.


Similar to previous major revamps of jobs, the six heroes have been balanced as well. This is definitely an ongoing process, since Nexon has declared they will continue to take in feedback. Not just the six heroes, other jobs will see changes in skills too, though minor. MapleStory continues to one of Nexon’s top games after over a decade, and it is staying strong in the midst of a mobile games frenzy.

Heroes of Maple poster