Paladins – Closed Beta phase begins for new team-based online shooter

[Register now] Hi-Rez Studios, creators of the hit action game SMITE, have released Paladins, a new team-based, first-person shooter, into Closed Beta on PC. Paladins combines a competitive online action experience with a collectible card progression system, giving players tactical choices for amplifying their abilities in each game and ensuring that no two matches are ever the same.


Players interested in joining the Closed Beta can sign up for a chance to earn a free invite. Instant closed beta access can be acquired by purchasing the Paladins Founder’s Pack, which includes an exclusive Fiery Warhorse mount and 20 card chests, for $19.99 USD. In-game progress may be wiped as the game continues to evolve, although any purchases made will always be saved.

Paladins Founder's Pack

In Paladins, each team must work together to capture points and push their siege engine toward the opposing side’s gates across the map. Every champion has a primary weapon, unique combat and movement abilities, a personal mount, and a customizable deck of cards. These cards are drawn and activated in matches, giving players and teams opportunities to change the course of each game.