Dragon’s Dogma Online – New class and floating region for update 1.2

Capcom recently announced content patch 1.2 arriving for Dragon’s Dogma Online on 15 December, just 3 months after 1.1. Of course, the game is still only available now in Japan on PC, PlayStation 3 and 4. According to the official announcement, players will now get to visit the floating city of El Dorado with 2 new maps, Bouto and Goseiku. El Dorado, of course, is all about the gold.

Dragon's Dogma Online - El DoradoDragon's Dogma Online - Bouto Dragon's Dogma Online - Goseiku

Since Bouto’s story is associated with gold, what better else to represent this concept than gold-clad boss monsters? 2 of the 3 bosses are officially announced, namely Alchemized Griffin and Goliath. The 3rd boss is loosely translated as “Gold Awakening”, but Capcom has yet to put his information on the Dragon’s Dogma Online website. The design is pretty awesome, depicting a possible god.

Dragon's Dogma Online - Alchemized Griffin Dragon's Dogma Online - GoliathDragon's Dogma Online - Gold Awakening

Players will also be introduced to the 8th class, Warrior. It is uncommon for such a common class to arrive this late in any online games, but I guess this is how Capcom wants to roll. Assuming a tank role, Warrior apparently deals more counter damage the more damage he or she receives (there is a special gauge). As you can see below, Warrior is able to send mobs flying with various area skills.

Dragon's Dogma Online - Warrior screenshot 1 Dragon's Dogma Online - Warrior screenshot 2 Dragon's Dogma Online - Warrior screenshot 3