Dragon’s Dogma Online – New class and content revealed for Season 1.1

Other than its console games, Capcom took time at Tokyo Game Show to make an announcement for Dragon’s Dogma Online as well. The cross-platform Free-to-Play title will be getting its Season 1.1 update soon, and the new Element Archer was showcased in a new trailer. Different from the Hunter class, Element Archer is able to heal allies, as well as controlling different elemental skills.


Elemental Archer has some interesting skills, including one which will ricochet off walls, dealing more damage the more it gets reflected around the area. Some maps allow players to lure bosses into tight corridors, a good location to use this skill. As part of the update, players will be introduced to a few new forested regions, new bosses, as well as a new eight-man raid featuring a giant Treant.