The Elder Scrolls Online – More staff laid off after “successful” launch

[Source] Things are apparently going from bad to worse at ZeniMax Online Studios, as it has just fired more staff from its customer service team, and referred the matter as “. The developer of The Elder Scrolls Online fired 300 customer service staff in June 2014, followed by more in September 2014, and it seems the annual culling has started. What really irked me is the “official” PR reply.

ZeniMax Online Studios layoffs August 2015

While I understand the gaming industry is volatile, the PR reply makes no sense at all when comparing the first and second parts. The console versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched just this June, and this should be the busy period for customer service. With tens of millions of dollars spent on this supposed “AAA” game, it still ranks as one of my worst experience, alongside Firefall.

The Elder Scrolls Online screenshot