The Elder Scrolls Online – Around 300 customer service staff released

[Source] According to MMO Games, around 300 customer service staff under ZeniMax Online Studios, developer of The Elder Scrolls Online, were let go over the past few weeks. Based in Galway, Ireland, the location is supposedly the main customer service office for the game.

A former employee also said, “In April, the company said it wanted 200 more workers. They went through a week of training, worked for two weeks and were let go. These would have been people taken in on two to six-week contracts.

Four weeks ago, another 50 were let go, and over the last few days, another 20 or 30. It’s a disgrace how workers were treated. If they showed up at 10.30pm for the night shift, they were being told to go home at 11pm, that their jobs were gone.”