Legend of Mir Mobile – 360MB game tops iOS grossing chart in China

When it comes to mobile games, developers and publishers always want the download size to be small, below 100MB, with the main reason to get players to download without waiting too long. Ironically, sitting at No.3 for downloads and No.1 for grossing in China’s App Store one week after launch, the game tips the scale at 360MB. This is Legend of Mir Mobile, published by Tencent Games.

Legend of Mir Mobile file size

Like what Lineage 1 is to NCsoft, Legend of Mir is in a similar position for Shanda, still one of the company’s top revenue machine since its launch in 2001. With Shanda looking for high revenue for the mobile game, and Tencent Games looking to publish mobile games generating high revenue, both companies started a partnership for Legend of Mir Mobile despite being business competitors.

Legend of Mir Mobile app store ranking

Legend of Mir Mobile certainly drew many legacy players, and perhaps a crowd of new gamers curious to see what the hype is about, hence the Top 3 download spot. As the older players of Legend of Mir are now working adults, they have cash to spare, which explains the position. The game even knocked off Westward Fantasy Mobile, which occupied the No.1 grossing spot on App Store for months!

Legend of Mir Mobile screenshot 1 Legend of Mir Mobile screenshot 2