NCsoft – Lineage 1 earnings soars sky high in latest financial report

Even though Lineage 1 is only available in Asia, particularly popular in South Korea, the game has been NCsoft’s main pillar for earnings for many years. In the latest 2nd Quarter 2015 financial report, revenue from Lineage 1 is tops again, with no other games near. On the other side, revenue from WildStar continues to drop, but Free-to-Play is coming soon, along with the new China server.

NCsoft - 2nd Quarter 2015 report

As seen above, and as expected, South Korea remains the dominant region for NCsoft. According to the conference call, Lineage Eternal is scheduled to enter Closed Beta later this year, while the Open Beta for Master X Master is apparently delayed till next year. Blade & Soul Mobile is expected to launch later this year in China first, while NCsoft is planning its mobile expansion for North America.