Final Fantasy XIV – PC bang data reveals good start in South Korea

Gametrics, South Korea’s authority on the latest PC bang (internet cafe) and game ranking stats, recently revealed a good start for Final Fantasy XIV in the country. The game stayed at No.8 for the first three days of launch (PC bang data only) for overall online games (League of Legends is still No.1 overall), while it is No.3 in the MMORPG section, just behind Lineage 1 and Blade & Soul.

Final Fantasy XIV Korea PC Bang ranking

Incredibly, over 140,000 hours of total game time from PC bang users were spent on 15 and 16 August. As noted previously, Final Fantasy XIV is using the Pay-to-Play model in South Korea. The 90 days package costs 47,500 Korean Won (40.13 USD), 30 days at 19,800 Korean Won (16.73 USD), 30 hours at 13,200 Korean Won (11.15 USD), and 5 hours at 3,300 Korean Won (2.79 USD).