Black Desert – Developer teases new classes and race at Japan event

PearlAbyss recently visited Japan, where Black Desert launched not too long ago, to provide an update for the server for the rest of the year. Other than the confirmed Wizard and Witch classes, along with Kunoichi, PearlAbyss confirmed the male counterpart for Kunoichi will be the Ninja (tentative name), as seen in the artwork below. The stylish mask will apparently be this class’ trademark item. Looks really cool and true to ninja fantasy!

Here comes the teasers. PearlAbyss is hinting at a class which wields the greatsword (大剣) weapon, though no further details were given. It was also revealed the development team is looking at making the シャイ race as a playable one. I am not sure how to translate this, but the シャイ race (below) has been in Black Desert from the start, primarily as female NPCs. Update 2019: The new class based on this race was finally announced as Shai!