Final Fire – New military PVP online game showcased at E3 2015

Developed by China studio ZQGame, Final Fire is a military-themed MMOG which is making an appearance at the ongoing E3 2015. Set in the era of modern warfare, enlistees will choose their allegiance and battle in team versus team armored vehicle combat fought throughout the land, air and sea. Having been greenlit by Steam Greenlight, a global launch is scheduled later this year.


All vehicles are visually realistic models of units used by various military institutions during and after WWII. Final Fire’s map design also represents the era’s historical landmarks where teams will battle through rugged terrains and extreme weathers. Vehicles will have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the map, making teamwork and a well-executed strategy crucial for victory.

Final Fire image 1

Game Features:

Team-based PvP

Combatants will be placed in head-to-head team battles and fight until depleting the other’s battle point total or capturing the opposition’s base

Hundreds of War Vehicles

Choose from Chinese, Soviet, American, British and Middle Eastern vehicles. From tanks and aircrafts to gunships and light utility vehicles, no granular detail was spared in re-creating these machines of war

Realistic Physics Engine

Attacks take skill and physics-based acumen to effectively damage enemies from range

Massive Maps and Battlefields

Every map’s battleground is carefully designed for strategic combat planning along with interactive and dynamic environments


Both cosmetic and practical, upgrade vehicle and weapon modules to increase defense, speed and power on all fronts

Final Fire image 2