Heroes of the Storm – Two Diablo characters confirmed for hero brawler

[Game website] Blizzard recently revealed two new Diablo characters for Heroes of the Storm: Skeleton King Leoric and Monk. While the former has a abilities preview trailer ready, the latter is still in early development. Leoric has an amazing trait: when he dies, becomes a Wraith to “haunt” enemies. After the respawn timer is over, he respawns where the Wraith is, rather than at the base.


It was mentioned at E3 2015 Eternal Conflict is actually an event which lasts several months once launched. If players manage to kill the random spawn Treasure Goblin, they will get more gold when the game ends! The Diablo-inspired map is the first “Blizzard World” to enter Heroes of the Storm, hence players can expect games such as Starcraft and Warcraft to have a special map introduced.