God Slayer – CryEngine action game entering beta in China this year

First announced back in 2012, China developer and publisher ChangYou recently announced its online game, God Slayer, will be entering its test phase starting this May. Touted as the “first online game fully developed using CryEngine 3 in China”, God Slayer is ChangYou’s first proper non-target action MMORPG. The new game trailer is in a pretty bad quality, but it should do for now.


China gaming website, 17173, managed to get a first look at God Slayer. Like most wuxia MMORPGs, players will have the ability to utilize “qing gong”, which is used to scale walls and walk across water surfaces. Skills are also tied to the five different Chinese elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth), and and each skill will have different effects under different elements (like Diablo III’s skill runes).


A page is taken from Monster Hunter, where players must attack the bosses’ corresponding parts to get the crafting material (attack the head more for a higher chance to drop helmet crafting material). Although there is a wide open world where players can gather material (some hidden from sight), according to the current build, most of the combat still takes place in instanced dungeons.

God Slayer screenshot