Black Desert – Developer reveals two upcoming characters at live event

Publisher Daum Games and developer PearlAbyss recently held a live event with its community (a common activity in South Korea), and two new characters were revealed. Coming this May is the new Wizard (subject to change), and for the first time, it will be available in both male and female gender. This is really a surprising change, and perhaps a welcoming one for the gamers.

Black Desert - Wizard

Also previewed at the community event is the character known as Plum Flower (subject to change), the female counter part of the Blader. According to reports, both have similar skills, but Plum Flower will be holding a traditional sword rather than the Blader’s katana. It seems this female character is designed more towards Chinese martial arts culture. New regions will also be added this year.

Black Desert - Plum Black Desert - 2015 map expansion


  1. I’ll be busy with Valkyrie and Summoner for a long time but that Wizard looks tempting too.
    Good, very good.

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