Astral Realm – New anime online game from famed Taiwan studio

X-Legend Entertainment, the Taiwan studio behind MMORPG titles such as Eden Eternal and Aura Kingdom, recently announced its latest game, Astral Realm. Its previous title, Dragon Slayer, has not even hit the English market! Astral Realm retains the trademark cutesy-anime design, and tells the story of two warring factions, each worshiping its own goddess. Sounds kind of familiar.


The two factions started from the same Star Clan, each with different views on the future of humanity. Taking sides with two different goddesses, the civil war known as “Astral War” started. The game’s story begins years after the war, where the “good” goddess reincarnated as an orphaned “Astral Adventurer”, setting the wheels of fate spinning again. Well, that’s the story summarized.

Astral Realm screenshot

There are nine classes in Astral Realm, directly translated as Swordsman, Wizard, Ranger, Hunter, Paladin, Sage, Assassin, Gladiator, and Sorcerer. According to the official details, players can switch between all these classes freely without having to re-train a new character, though the exact details of acquiring the additional classes are unclear. For now, it sounds like the system in Eden Eternal.

Astral Realm - 9 starting classes

Astral Realm will feature a “killer move” system, where players can unleash finishing skills upon storing enough energy. The monsters in the game will have their own ultimate skills as well, making battles more dynamic. The screenshots here are supposedly to showcase “killer moves”, but they seem kind of underwhelming to me. I am not sure if grappling counts as a “killer move”…

Astral Realm - Killer moves screenshot 1 Astral Realm - Killer moves screenshot 2

A more unique feature in Astral Realm is the mobile housing system, carried on the back of a giant creature. Every player will get one of this. There are three levels in the player house, each level having its own functions such as a greenhouse, cooking, alchemy, and more. Similar to Aura Kingdom, characters from the Star Clan will be collected as guardian pets aiding in battles.

Astral Realm - Mobile house screenshot Astral Realm - Star Clan guardians

X-Legend is also touting the game’s full line of living features outside of game combat, including fishing, gathering, planting, sewing, with more being developed. Rare fishes, secret recipes, special clothes with bonuses are just some of the perks engaging in these activities. For now, Astral Realm looks really mediocre, perhaps to please their fans in Japan with just the artwork. More details soon!

Astral Realm - Fishing