Gigantic – New MOBA title launching on Xbox One and Windows 10

[Game website] The developer of Gigantic, Motiga, recently announced that the new MOBA title will be launching on Xbox One and Windows 10, with the support of Microsoft. It will be a launch title for Windows 10, which will allow cross-platform gameplay with users on Xbox One. And yes, it means Gigantic will eventually be playable only on Windows 10, similar to Fable Legends.

Gigantic - WIndows 10 and Xbox One version

Gigantic differs itself from other MOBA games with its shooter elements and the focus on each sides’ big ass guardians. They are not just normal mobs, each with its own attacks and tactics, everything from impaling tail spikes to destructive tornadoes. Players can also summon creatures to protect key strategic points on the map. Seen below is the latest trailer from PAX East.