Fable Legends – Free-to-Play and cross-platform on PC and Xbox One

[Beta register] Currently in development at Lionhead Studios, it was recently announced that Fable Legends will use a Free-to-Play business model, and at the same time having merged servers between Xbox One and Windows 10 players. Players can choose to take part in the single-player campaign, explore the land of Albion with three AI companions or three other players online.


In Fable Legends, there is a large pool of pre-made characters to choose from, each with unique abilities and characteristics. Swordsman, wizards, archers, alchemists and more types of classic classes can be found among them, though not specifically listed down. Players can customize their abilities, alter appearance, and advance heroes by earning experience and finding new gears.

Fable Legends screenshot 1 Fable Legends screenshot 2

Rather than being the “good guy”, is being a villain your thing? Players can actually choose to play as villains, controlling groups of creatures to attack other players. It will be similar to real time strategy games (Warcraft, Starcraft), where each attack must be timed and executed perfectly. Sounds mighty fun, but we will have to wait to actually see how the controls will be like.

Fable Legends screenshot 3 Fable Legends screenshot 4

Fable Legends is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and is set to be one of gaming’s masterpiece upon release. There has yet to be a launch schedule announced, which seems awfully long since the game’s announcement back in 2013. Before anyone question about how shady the Free-to-Play business model might be, do refer to the video below and get an insight on how this will be handled.


To simplify, players will earn Silver to spend in-game either as a hero or villain. Everything that makes Heroes or minions more powerful can be bought with the silver earned. Players will also be able to buy gold with real-world money, which can then be used to purchase many of the items that are also available for Silver. On paper, this system seems fair enough for the whole community.

Fable Legends - Free-to-Play banner