Lineage Eternal – NCsoft aiming to beta test the game later this year

Along with NCsoft’s financial reports earlier today, some new information for Lineage Eternal was discussed during the investors’ calls as well. The developer is aiming to have the game tested “globally” later this year, with a possible launch for 2016 if every thing goes as planned. This is a year earlier than the 2017 launch year announced back at G-Star 2014.

From experience, big titles are always delayed, hence a late 2016 seems most likely. The mobile version of the game is scheduled to launch together as well. I am not really sure how “global” will the upcoming test be, but seeing how NCsoft West is still hiring to launch Blade & Soul in English, I am guessing the test phases for Lineage Eternal will still be restricted to South Korea.


  1. Fuck yes, glad to read news about Lineage Eternal. I’m loving this site for the South Korea coverage! Keep it up =)

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