Lineage Eternal – NCsoft reveals new game trailers and mobile version

After the video leaked a couple of days back, NCsoft has officially revealed the new gameplay trailer for Lineage Eternal. The game sports a very familiar isometric view along with several innovative mechanics, including skills requiring players to click and drag the mouse in the direction/s of attack.

When the click and drag system got patented by NCsoft year ago, I was thinking that the mobile version must definitely be in the works, which was also announced. Lineage Eternal Mobile will share the same server as PC, streaming at a 1080P resolution to Android phones using “NC Cloud”.

More on “NC Cloud” will be revealed at a later date. Making use of emerging technology, Project HON will also be designed to fit with VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, making use of “NC Cloud” as well. Lineage Eternal will feature a randomized and dynamic dungeon system, as seen in the trailer below.

The confirmed classes are Knight, Elementalist, and Assassin. Lineage Eternal looks amazingly polished now, given that 3 more years were spent on tweaking since being revealed. Closed Beta is expected to start in Korea soon. Smilegate’s Lost Ark is right up there as a serious competitor.