Lost Ark – Smilegate reveals major competition for Lineage Eternal

Smilegate is better known as the Korean developer of CrossFire, which is the top earning free-to-play game in 2013 and the potential runner-up this year. With new found wealth, its has prepared several games for G-Star 2014, and today revealed Lost Ark, an isometric action online game.

Crafted using Unreal Engine 3 by a team of around 150, I am certainly impressed by the game trailer. It has some similarities with Lineage Eternal and MU2, but I truly was not expecting this level of design and style from Smilegate. There are 2 types of jobs, combat and life (crafting, gathering etc).

Lost Ark - Fighter Lost Ark - Warrior

4 combat classes are revealed, which can be seen in the images in this post with more to come. Closed Beta is scheduled next year, and there will be no playable version at G-Star 2014. Smilegate is expanding rapidly overseas, and I am certain we will see this being brought into the English market.

Lost Ark - Gunner Lost Ark - Magician