NCsoft – WildStar sales dropped by 43% while Lineage 1 grows stronger

NCsoft today released its quarterly financial records, and overall, the company did well in the 3rd quarter compared to the first 2 quarters of 2014. Total sales globally were up, with Aion and Lineage 1 the main contributors. Old is gold, baby!

NCsoft 3Q 2014 sales

However, WildStar saw sales drop by 43% within a quarter, which is never a good thing as the game is not even 6 months old. This certainly affected the total US and EU sales, as reflected in the chart above. WildStar’s new permanent price is now at 33% off .

WildStar new permanent price

According to the conference call, the Blade & Soul mobile game and Master X Master is set for launch next year, with Lineage Eternal entering Closed Beta soon. NCsoft has also taken over 58% of Korean mobile games developer, Hotdog Studio, with an aim for a mobile push in 2015.

Hotdog Studio logo