Angry Birds – China developer obtains development rights for popular IP

While Angry Birds and many of its spawns have been launched in China, this is the first time Rovio Entertainment has allowed a Chinese developer to make games based on the Angry Birds IP. Kalends (also known as Kunlun), has signed a contract with Rovio to develop its own iOS and Android games based on Angry Birds. Yes, big companies in China do follow IP laws these days.

Rovio + Kalends

The contract term will last from 3 February 2015 till 31 December 2017, around 3 years. During this period, Kalends will also be publishing the games developed with Rovio on the global market, China included of course. It was mentioned that Kalends will be getting 40% to 60% of the profits. Rovio is also currently building an Angry Birds theme park in Haining City, China.

Angry Birds China