Embergarde – Runewaker reveals action MMORPG with playable demo

Currently known as Embergarde, Taiwan studio Runewaker revealed its new MMORPG over at Taipei Game Show 2015. A 3D isometric action hack-and-slash game (much like Diablo), a demo version of Embergarde was playable over at the annual game event which I tried (see second video).


Runewaker is touting the main feature to be the randomized dungeons, where the same dungeons change their layout and monsters each time players enter (upon previous completion). Embergarde is currently around 80% developed, with 4 playable classes currently.


The skill system, while not as plentiful as Path of Exile’s (yet), allows players to upgrade their active skills with various passive upgrades as their characters level up gaining skill points. There are two paths players can choose from for each skill, which is pretty straightforward.

Embergarde - Character window

Runwaker, also well-known as the developer behind Runes of Magic and Dragon’s Prophet, is crafting Embergarde using its in-house RENA game engine. The game is still being polished before officially announced, and I was told Runewaker is looking for an English publisher.

Embergarde - Screenshot