Borderlands Online – New official game details emerge from China

Announced back in December, Shanda Games recently revealed more details for its upcoming online shooter, Borderlands Online. An official China-exclusive product, Borderlands Online will begin its Technical Test from 23rd to 27th January. The storyline stays pretty much the same, where players are lured by the riches of planet Pandora, though guided by a mysterious female voice as well…

Borderlands Online screenshot

There are four starting classes to choose from, being the Soldier, Hunter, Siren and Berserker. And yes, the classes are apparently gender-bound. Each of them has his or her own signature skill –

1. Soldier can summon a mobile turret which can attack and cover players;

2. Hunter has a flying drone which will mark and weaken the target which will take more damage;

3. Siren can unleash a small flame bird which will slow and burn target; and finally,

4. Berserker’s roar can cause him to regenerate HP fast and cause his attack speed to increase greatly.

Borderlands Online class 1 - Soldier Borderlands Online class 2 - Hunter Borderlands Online class 3 - Siren Borderlands Online class 4 - Berserker

What is Borderlands without guns? With “over 2,000” touted, there are five main categories – Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine Gun and Pistol. Sadly, each type is actually tied to a character class seen above. The pairing goes like this – Soldier with Assault Rife, Hunter with Sniper Rifle, Siren with Submachine Gun and Berserker with Shotgun. Pistols will be a common weapon for all classes.

Borderlands Online weapon 1 - Assault Rifle Borderlands Online weapon 2 - Sniper Rifle Borderlands Online weapon 3 - Shotgun Borderlands Online weapon 4 - Submachine Gun Borderlands Online weapon 5 - Pistol

Contrary to the “normal” settings, there is no Open World in Borderlands Online. Players will have to enter instances from each town (currently three towns), pretty much like Dragon Nest’s system. Currently, each town has 6 instances, making a total of 18 available. Despite the change, players can still expect intense shoot and loot action, with monsters and bosses unique to Borderlands Online.

Borderlands Online instances 1 Borderlands Online instances 2 Borderlands Online instances 3

Player vs Player (PVP) will be available in the Technical Test for players looking to fight against each other. Two modes are being prepared, which are the familiar Last Man Standing (be the lone survivor) or Team vs Team. Other features in Borderlands Online include gathering materials for crafting, altering the bonuses of guns, quests system, and a guild function.

Borderlands Online environment screenshot 1 Borderlands Online environment screenshot 2 Borderlands Online environment screenshot 3 Borderlands Online environment screenshot 4 Borderlands Online environment screenshot 5 Borderlands Online environment screenshot 6

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